SWOC Spotlight: Harrison Wildcats



The Harrison Athletic Boosters are currently working on a new plan to update and renovate our athletic facilities at Harrison High School.  With the growth of the school district and the passage of the school bond issue in November 2017, the district will begin construction on the three new elementary schools and a new middle school starting this summer. Two of the new schools (one elementary and the new middle school) will be built on the campus of Harrison High School.  The athletic boosters and our school district realize the time is now to update the athletic facilities to match the state of the art schools that will open in August, 2021.  The athletic improvements / upgrades will be completed with ZERO TAX DOLLARS USED.  The state of Ohio does not allow co-funded school building project money to build athletic complexes – and the state is contributing nearly $26.6M to our new schools. The local share of the new schools’ project is $71.7M.


The reasons for the athletic upgrades go beyond the actual age of the facilities. With the new schools and their locations, several areas that are used for competition currently will be impacted.  The current soccer game field, which sits in the outfield of the baseball complex, will be impacted a great deal by the loop road that will come in off of Dry Fork and continue around the two new schools at the central campus. The JV Baseball and Softball fields will also be impacted by the road that will serve the new schools. Thus the Harrison Athletic Boosters will look to install field turf in the current Wildcats Stadium – to provide a playing surface that can accommodate both football and soccer for years to come and with little impact by Mother Nature. We are currently in the planning process for the turf and are working with several companies to secure the best possible product at the best price. The construction of the new schools will also eliminate several current practice areas – which will be replaced by two more fully irrigated practice fields behind the current visitor bleachers.  Lastly, the current visitor bleachers will need to be torn down and rebuilt simply due to life span and age.  These bleachers were installed by the Harrison Athletic Boosters during the Stadium Drive of 1969. 


If you would like to be part of the next great chapter of the Harrison Athletic Boosters, please contact Harrison High School Athletic Director Mark Meibers at Mark.Meibers@southwestschools.org or (513) 367-4169. Go CATS!